Adopter’s Experiences

Hear about our Adopter’s experiences

No one can explain the adoption process better than those who have experienced it first hand. Below are some real life stories from our adopters.

Every First Thursday of the month we have an adoption information evening where we invite an adoptive parent or parents to come and talk about their experiences. It really is recommended you come along to one of these as you’ll be able to talk to the adopters directly as well as find out about the process.

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Adoptive parents’ blogs

Here are a few blogs from parents who have been through the process and have adopted children. They did not adopt through Faith in Families and do not represent the Agency, however give an honest account of their own journey and experiences.

First4Adoption – a mix of adopter stories

Suddenly Mummy – Single adoptive mum to two

Dadoptive – Adoptive dad to one child

Al Coates – Adoptive father to six

The Bear facts – Adoptive mum with one birth son and one adopted son

Unlikely Dad – Gay adoptive dad to one

Nibbles and bubbles – Adoptive mum to two

Full time tired – Adoptive mum to one plus weekly roundup of various adoption blogs

The Gay Adopter – Gay adoptive dad of two

Hannah Meadows – Adoptive mum to two, plus resources