Adopter’s Experiences

Interview with our adopters

As we can’t currently do our First Thursday information evenings we have recorded a phone call with our adopters so that you can still hear about real experiences. We talk to our adopters Rod and Martin who have adopted two brothers. They talk about why they chose to adopt with Faith in Families, their experience of preparation and assessment, how they found their boys and why they felt a connection to them. They also talk about their first meeting and realising this was ‘the rest of their lives.’  Rod and Martin talk about their feelings as new parents how they grew as a family alongside learning to balance work commitments and parenting.  They talk with pride about how much progress the boys have made this coming home to them including watching them grow in confidence and learn new skills eg learning to ride their bikes, tie their shoe laces and learn to swim! Their advice to those thinking about adoption is to think carefully about it and make sure you have support but that its an ‘amazing thing to do.’

Hear about our Adopter’s experiences

No one can explain the adoption process better than those who have experienced it first hand. Below are some real life stories from our adopters.

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Adoptive parents’ blogs

Here are a few blogs from parents who have been through the process and have adopted children. They did not adopt through Faith in Families and do not represent the Agency, however give an honest account of their own journey and experiences.

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