Adoption Support training

Training courses after you’ve adopted

Once you have completed the adoption process, your journey has only just begun. Here at Faith in Families, we are not only here to help you every step of the way throughout your adoption process, but also offer adoption support training throughout your life as an adoptive parent.

As your children grow older, their needs will change over time. Adoptive children will have different needs from others, and we are able to cater towards specific needs through our training courses available after you have adopted your child or children.

Here are examples of some of the topics we cover:

Parents can both benefit from a refresher in what they learned in preparing to adopt, as well as gain new information for how best to support your children when going through a new stage of development. We run courses for adoptive parents throughout the year, covering a range of topics.

Life story work can help you to offer your child a complete narrative of their lives, and this understanding of their past can help everyone to see the impact the past has had on them, which can help when looking to the future. We can offer support for parents of adopted teens, as well as with parenting siblings. As technology evolves, we are also able to offer support with parenting in the digital age.

Our training is conducted by our Adoption Support team who have qualifications in Dyadic Developmental Psychology and Theraplay. Dyadic Developmental Psychology is regarding the idea of a network of people who are associated with your child, and Theraplay is a structured play therapy for children and adoptive parents.

Whether you’re based in Leicestershire or Nottingham, our training courses are free to any families who adopted through Faith In Families. We charge a modest fee for families who come to us who have adopted from outside the organisation. Please contact us via the contact form for more information about course availability and costs.