Fostering for Adoption

What is Fostering for Adoption?

Fostering for adoption is when a baby or younger child is in care with the likely plan of adoption; however there is a small chance of them going back to their birth family. Approved adopters get trained as foster carers to care for the child whilst the court decides on what the best outcome is for them.

Fostering for adoption was designed to prevent children from having multiple moves to different carers and to become part of their permanent adoptive family as soon as possible.

Fostering for adoption usually involves the following circumstances:

As with adoption, there are pros and cons to this option so please read this leaflet to find out if this could work for you.

If you would like to find out more about fostering for adoption, call us on 0115 9558811 and speak to a social worker about fostering to adopt.

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Fostering for adoption image of a baby holding it's parent's hand.