National campaign promoting siblings adoption backed by Faith in Families

A new nationwide #YOUCANADOPT campaign has launched to encourage those thinking about adoption to consider adopting brothers and sisters together.

Of the approximately 2,030 children currently waiting adoption in England, close to half (44%) are in a family group (with brothers or sisters) of two or more.

However, sibling children groups on average wait 17 months to be adopted, around four-and-a-half months longer than individual children. More than half of these sibling groups (56%) wait more than 18 months for their new family.

The new #YouCanAdopt Brothers and Sisters campaign – running April 23 to May 9 – is highlighting this issue, busting some myths about and showing the benefits of adopting more than one child. The nationwide campaign is being backed by the Department for Education and a cross-section of regional and voluntary adoption agencies; including the Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA) of which Faith in Families (FiF) is a member.

Advantages of adopting siblings:

  • The bond supports children’s mental health, emotional well-being and social skills development; helping them settle in with their adopted parents better and provide support through difficult times.
  • Parents who’ve adopted brothers and sisters say benefits outweigh the challenges experienced and the support received is good, surpassing expectations.
  • People can be concerned about having enough space or the finances to adopt two or more children but financial support may be available for those adopting brothers and sisters, and younger children can share a room until they are older.
  • The adoption process takes six to eight months. Adopting a siblings group means only having to go through this process once.

Faith in Families’ latest (2018/19) Annual Review reported that 38% of the children it placed for adoption were living with siblings, higher than the national average. Read some of our sibling adoption success stories, on our website:

For the campaign, new videos and podcasts featuring interviews with parents who’ve adopted siblings have been filmed; including a podcast with guest interviewer the musician/singer Sinitta (herself an adoptive mum of siblings), talking to a family.

See the campaign website at