Our vision, mission, values

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide nurturing, innovative, high quality services for children and families.  We believe that the services we provide will enable all children to develop into confident, secure, caring individuals, with the capacity to reach their full potential in life.

Our Mission

We will achieve this by:

Our Values

The Agency provides innovative services of excellence to children and families of any or no religious belief.
We are:

Faith in Families is value driven and keeps children at the heart of its entire decision making. The Agency is recognised for its commitment to appraising current and future practice requirements through rigorous research, evaluation and monitoring systems.

Our Statement of Purpose

Faith in Families has been supporting vulnerable children across the East Midlands for over 70 years. We provide outstanding services to anyone who wishes to adopt. Our Statement of Purpose sets our out aims and objectives and explains our value and principles. It’s a regularly reviewed and updated document, and meets the requirement of National Minimum Standards for Adoption, and the related regulations (Voluntary Adoption Agencies and Adoption Agencies (Misc. Amendments) Regulations 2003).

Want to read our Statement of Purpose? You can do so here.