Examples of our School Social Work Service

We’re incredibly proud of our life-changing work. If you’re interested in finding out more about what we do, here is an example:

Case Study: A transition group for year 6 students

Participants: 4 girls and 2 boys.

One of the boys in the group was identified by the Social Worker after she observed him on the playground always being alone. She felt that he presented as on the Autistic spectrum but his family would not take him to be assessed. The other boy had behaviour and learning needs and was identified to attend an additional needs secondary education provision. The girls were identified by the Head Teacher because of their bullying and girl-gang behaviour.

The transition group ran for six weeks. They looked at Year Form groups, timetables, lesson plans, homework, different teaching styles, preparation for each days lessons, meeting new friends, deciding on who might be a good friend and overcoming obstacles that life may present. The group met during their lunch break and worked exceptionally well exploring what it will be like to attend their respected secondary schools, along with the newness of being the youngest in a school again.

The teaching/learning was achieved using several media approaches and techniques to enable all the members of the groups learning styles to be addressed. The end result was the group presenting their work titled ‘Obstacles’ to the rest of the school in a special assembly. The young people ended that group saying they now had a better idea of what secondary school would be like and how much they enjoyed showing the rest of the school what they had learned.

The head teacher commented how much one boy had changed in school and that he was now smiling more and much more able to engage with others without the need to be prompted. “He had a confidence about him that had never been seen before”.